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Why You Should Get Your Next Smartphone Via An Instalment Plan

Owning a smartphone is very crucial these days. It is almost impossible to get through a day without using one. We need smartphones to work, study and connect to the rest of the world especially during this pandemic period. That's why it's important to own a good quality smartphone and instalment plans are a great alternative to help those who can't afford to pay large sums up front. Let’s check out why you should get your next smartphone via an instalment plan.

A smarter way to keep up with escalating prices

Powerful processing power, premium design and quality are among the reasons why smartphone prices are constantly escalating. Not to mention the competition between brands in making sure their products stay relevant and among the best in the market. Looking back, prices of phones have been on a rapidly rising trend. Remember when the latest Nokia would still be marketed under RM1000? Those days are long gone as flagship models tend to be priced around the RM3000 and above. With an instalment plan, you’ll be able to enjoy the device and pay back in bite-sized repayments, so you don’t have to skimp on your lifestyle for the rest of the month.

Instalment plans allows you to avoid credit card usage

While credit cards give you access to instant gratification, it often comes with consequences. Credit cards are known to have high interest rates. And because it is often used with other transactions, it’s easy to get carried away leading to debts that become ever more challenging to pay off. Let's also not forget late payment fees, annual fee charges and more.

Manage your money better

When possible, look out for instalment plans that don’t require credit cards. An instalment plan is one of the best ways to purchase a new smartphone. However, there are many aspects that you have to consider before choosing the instalment that works for you. You have to look for the instalment tenure, other applicable fees, etc. One of the most amazing instalment plans in the market currently is ReNew+. Unlike other instalment plans, you can enjoy fixed monthly repayments with great flexibility. Learn more about ReNew+ here.

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