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Plan comparison

We created ReNew+ because we understand that not everyone can pay upfront for a brand-new device in the full amount and not everyone has a credit card.

With ReNew+, we’re giving you an alternative simple, easy, and transparent way to pay for a device over time.


You will never need to pay for more than what you

agreed to upfront.  

The ReNew+ value


Instalment Plan


Fees and charges


Sign up process

Instalments over 24   months to 36 months.
Fixed monthly repayments.
No minimum or maximum   purchase amount.
No hidden fees, not even late fees.
It just takes 5 minutes to sign up.

No credit card required.

Other Buy Now Pay Later

Instalments over 3  months or 4 months.
Fixed monthly repayments.
There’s usually a maximum purchase amount.
Late fees, admin fee, and/or penalty fees may apply.
Fast and easy sign up but usually requires a mobile app.

Must save a card for payment.

Credit Card Instalment Plans

Instalments over 3  months or 24 months.
Fixed monthly repayments.
There’s usually a minimum purchase amount.
Interest charges and late fees will be charged for late payments.

Annual fees and service tax also apply.
No sign up required but must be an existing credit card customer.