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What to do the moment you get your iPhone 12

Fresh new tech to-dos

We know... we know... it’s exciting. But where do you start? Read on to find out.

There's plenty to love in the iPhone 12 series. It's shiny new façade and angular features is a sight to behold even to those who don’t generally go for iPhones. With this new love affair between you and your brand-new phone, you’d want to treat it with as much care as possible. This article compiles some features you’d want to hop on, from top-quality creative tools and video editing apps. Along with affordable supported accessories to unleash the full potential of your iPhone 12.

  1. Physical care The first thing you would want to do is to get your phone protected externally. You can easily get affordable phone cases which could go for as low as RM10, but of course... your brand-new baby deserves better. If you’re looking for top quality brands, we recommend Spigen, Otterbox or even the official line of Apple cases. Casetify also offers a great selection of funky designs and reliable protection. For something more affordable you could check out NinjaZ or similar stores for cheap but good cases. You'd also want a screen protector as it has become a norm for every phone.

  2. Apple ID indeed If this is your first Apple product, you will understand that the Apple world is unlike the Android world. With that in mind, you’d want an Apple ID. This will then allow you to make purchases, access iCloud, get iTunes and more. You will also be able to seamlessly connect across your various Apple devices.

  3. Relocate your data Moving your data and files from your previous phone to your new phone is easy. If you’re moving from an iPhone, it’s even easier. All you have to do is put your two phones close to each other and you will be fully guided. Alternatively, you could also do this via iCloud, which is why your Apple ID is so important.

  4. Security matters While this is generally a part of setting up, security is very important. Remember to set up your fingerprint ID and Face ID. The latest update on the iOS also allows Face ID to work with your mask on. Although... you’ll require an Apple watch for it to work.

  5. Understand accessibility and gestures Your iPhone comes with a plethora of shortcuts and gestures that make going through your tasks a breeze. The number of gestures probably deserve an article on its own, but some of the more basic ones include sliding down with a single finger from the top of your phone for notifications and sliding down from the middle of the screen to access search. Sliding down from the top right corner of your phone allows you quick access to touch settings. Slide from the bottom at a slow pace and you will be able to access running apps.

  6. A trip to the app store While the iPhone comes with great built-in apps, there are plenty of great apps available on the App store as well. You'll want the essentials such as WhatsApp, MySejahtera, Spotify and more. You'll also want to get some Google apps like Google Maps which aren’t on the iPhone by default.

  7. Make your Memoji If you’re upgrading from an iPhone X or iPhone 11, you may already be familiar with Memojis. If the iPhone 12 is your first iPhone it’s time to build your very own cartoon avatar. Start by opening the Messages app. Tap the Animoji icon along the bottom, and then the + sign at the beginning of the Animoji list. This will allow you to create a virtual version of yourself.

Conclusion While this may be the end of this article, it is just the beginning for your long and exciting journey with your iPhone. With plenty of features, a brilliant display, one of the most powerful chips and updates to come, you definitely made an awesome choice. If you’re just reading through this article and have yet to get your own iPhone, you can get one the affordable way with ReNew+ To check whether you are eligible for ReNew+ you can take a Pre-Qualifier assessment that is now LIVE at To get assessed you’ll require the following:

  • Minimum age of 25 years and maximum age of 64 years;

  • Malaysian citizens holding a BLUE NRIC;

  • A new applicant to the Pre-Qualify Program who has not signed up for the Device Lifecycle Program offered by CompAsia Sdn Bhd and Terra Optimus Pearl Sdn Bhd; and

  • A copy of a face photo similar to the one on your NRIC.

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